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Adds caching functionality to Pico CMS
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Pico Cache

Adds caching functionality to Pico CMS


To install the Pico Cache plugin, simply download the pico_xcache.php and put it in the plugins directory {picoInstallation}/plugins/.


You can change the defaults, by editing your config.php file.

$config['cache_enabled'] = true; // default
$config['cache_dir'] = 'content/cache/'; // default
$config['cache_time'] = '604800'; // 60*60*24*7, seven days (default)

Cache clearing

To clear the cache, remove the files from the cache folder, or delete the whole cache folder.

Common Pitfalls

  • Make sure the directory in which the cache directory shall be created automatically has the appropriate permissions.
  • Make sure the cache directory, if created manually, has the right permission for the server to read and write files to.
  • If your site uses multiple protocols, set the base_url parameter in your config.php to be protocol independent, like $config['base_url'] = '//';

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