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dotfiles. What else?
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dotfiles. These are mine.


A collection of all kinds of little scripts. Some stolen, some found, some I even made myself!

See below for more information about the contents of this repository 🍪


Count the lines of code for a given github repository. Requires CLOC to work.

Original Source can be found on GitHub.




I used this for Functional Programming. We had to write lhs style Haskell, so my natural reaction was to not do that and instead use a script to convert 'real' Haskell source files to 'literal' style source files. Requires a Haskell interpreter to run.

The original can be found on this Github page.


./hs2lhs myprog.hs

Moss is a tool for detecting software similarity (read: plagiarism). Comes in handy when checking student submissions. See the original page for more information.

The script itself is well documented, so have a look for usage instructions there.

A helper script for opening .url files under linux.

For installation/usage instructions see this site.

This funky little script can backup and restore Gnome keybindings into CSV. Kindly donated by StackExchange, see here.


# Backkup
./ -e /tmp/keys.csv
# Restore
./ -i /tmp/keys.csv
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