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I had to setup my PC manually one too many times. Time to automate!
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Setup a place like home. Fully automated arch setup script. Install all the packages, and all the CLI tools, everything.


This setup does not configure Arch. Use a script like archfi for that. Once Arch is installed you need sudo, git and a user account:

pacman -S sudo git
useradd -m -g wheel -s /bin/bash <user>
passwd <user>

Run visudo and uncomment "%wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL". Once that is done simply run:

git clone && cd setup && sudo ./

Have a look at the script for more info.



In order to test if your script you can utilize Docker with a custom image. Build it using

docker build -t 'glumpat/setup-test' .

Debugging specific parts of the script is possible by attaching to the image

docker run --rm -ti -v $PWD:/home/ glumpat/setup-test bash

To execute the entire install script execute

./test/ --debug


Run gatsh to create a new distribution:

gatsh >> dist/
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