A hardware-accelerated JavaFX 3D application that uses Gluon Mobile (a mobile application framework with mobile-friendly UI controls) to let users play a game on a virtual Rubik’s Cube.
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Rubik's Cube

A JavaFX 3D Application that allows solving the Rubik's Cube on Desktop, Android and iOS devices.


A snapshot of the SDK is required to enable JavaFX 3D.

Find out about the Commercial Support here to get access to daily or monthly builds of JavaFXPorts.


To execute the sample, do as follows:

  • Desktop > Just run it from your IDE or from command line: ./gradlew run
  • Android > Connect your Android device and run ./gradlew androidInstall
  • iOS > Connect your iOS device and run ./gradlew launchIOSDevice
  • Desktop > ./gradlew run


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