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An extension of Gluon Attach, showing how to create custom Attach services


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Attach Extended

Gluon Attach is the component that addresses the integration with low-level platform APIs in an end-to-end Java Mobile solution.

Attach provides an uniform, platform-independent API to access device and hardware features. At runtime, the appropriate implementation (attach:desktop, attach:android, attach:ios) makes sure the platform specific code is used to deliver the functionality.

Attach is open source, and it is freely licensed under the GPL license. Gluon can provide custom consultancy and training, commercial licenses, and open source commercial support, including daily and monthly releases.

What happens if Attach doesn't include the service or feature that you require?

You can always ask for support (see previous links) to develop this service for you, but you could try to implement it on your own.

Attach Extended is a demo project intended to show how to extend and create custom Attach services outside Attach itself.

As a custom service, it can't use the com.gluonhq.attach package name. This avoids the need of modifying the GluonFX plugins to include the service, and it can be used as a regular dependency, with its platform classifiers.

Once the service has been tested in all possible platforms, it could be contributed to Attach via Pull Request.

Building Attach Extended


These are the requisites:

  • A recent version of JDK 11 or superior
  • Gradle 6.0 or superior.
  • Attach Util 4.0.12 or superior

To build the iOS Services:

  • A Mac with with MacOS X 10.14.4 or superior
  • XCode 11.x or superior

To build the Android services:

  • Android SDK and Android NDK (The GluonFX plugin installs both when building for Android)

Attach Documentation

Read about Attach: Device Interface

The section Building Attach contains more advanced information.

How to build and install Attach Extended

To build the Attach Extended services on the project's root, run:

./gradlew clean build

If you want to install them, run:

./gradlew clean publishToMavenLocal

When the process finishes successfully, the different services can be added to a Gluon Mobile project.

For instance, the Log service for desktop can be added to the project like:


<!-- dependencies -->

and used from the project like:

LogService.create().ifPresent(service -> service.log("This is a message"));


An extension of Gluon Attach, showing how to create custom Attach services







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