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A JavaFX application that uses Gluon Mobile Glisten (a mobile application framework with mobile-friendly UI controls) and Gluon Mobile Connect (for locally storing notes and user settings) that makes use of the Push Notification plugin in order to recibe push notifications, and Gluon CloudLink to send them.


You need a valid subscription to Gluon CloudLink. You can get it here, and there is a 30-day free trial. Sign up and get a valid account on Gluon CloudLink and a link to download the Gluon CloudLink Dashboard.

Install and open the Dashboard, and sign in using the Gluon account credentials provided above. Go to the App Management view, and you will find a pair of key/secret tokens. Save the file gluoncloudlink_config.json under your project src/main/resources/ folder. The content of the file is a JSON object with the key and secret that will grant access to Gluon CloudLink:

  "gluonCredentials": {

To deliver push notifications on Android and iOS you'll need to provide valid keys or certificates to the Push Notifications View. Read this guide for detailed instructions.


To execute the sample, do as follows:

  • Desktop

Just run it from your IDE or from command line: ./gradlew run

  • Android

Connect your Android device and run ./gradlew androidInstall

  • iOS

Connect your iOS device and run ./gradlew launchIOSDevice


Read how to create this sample step by step here