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Learn how you can create an app that takes images from CloudLink to display a small ads banner, and deploy it on Android and iOS devices.


You need a valid subscription to Gluon CloudLink. You can get it here, and there is a 30-day free trial. Sign up and get a valid account on Gluon CloudLink and a link to download the Gluon CloudLink Dashboard.

Install and open the Dashboard, and sign in using the Gluon account credentials provided above. You will need to add the image files to the Dashboard's Media Management view, as explained in the documentation linked below.


To execute the sample, do as follows:

  • Desktop

Just run it from your IDE or from command line: ./gradlew run

  • Android

Connect your Android device and run ./gradlew androidInstall

  • iOS

Connect your iOS device and run ./gradlew launchIOSDevice


Read how to create this sample step by step here