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A simple web application that can be used as a REST Connector in Gluon CloudLink. This application can be used together with the Notes sample if you make a small adjustment to the com.gluonhq.notesapp.service.Service.java file. Replace the entire code in the postConstruct() method with the following:

    gluonClient = GluonClientBuilder.create()
            .credentials(new GluonCredentials(YOUR_APPLICATION_KEY, YOUR_APPLICATION_SECRET))


To execute the sample, you will need to configure a database. The settings for the database name, the hostname, the username and password can be found/configured in the file src/main/resources/sun-resources.xml. That is a configuration file that can be used directly in the GlassFish application server. If you are using a different application server, configure it accordingly so that it can find the JDBC resource that is defined in the src/main/resources/META-INF/persistence.xml file.

Build the war by running the gradle war task and deploy the generated war file in your application server. Next, use the Gluon CloudLink Dashboard to configure your application with a REST Connector. The URL that you need to enter might look like this: http://HOSTNAME:PORT/CONTEXTROOT/rest where you replace the host name, port number and context root accordingly. Make sure that the host is publicly accessible for Gluon CloudLink.

For example, you can deploy the war in GlassFish with the following command:

asadmin deploy --name CloudLinkRestConnector --contextroot cloudlinkrest build/libs/CloudLinkRestConnector.war


Read more about Connectors in Gluon CloudLink on our documentation website.