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DeepLearning Linear Classifier

This sample is a Java app that runs on desktop, Android and iOS devices and performs neural network training, based on Deeplearning4j.

The sample is based on this one.


General prerequisites for all platforms are:

  • Java 9, that can be downloaded from Oracle's site.

  • Gradle 4.3.1+, that can be downloaded from here

Android prerequisites:

  • Android SDK that can be downloaded from here (only the SDK is required, Android Studio is not really necessary).
  • Using the Android SDK Manager, install Android Build tools 24.0.1 or superior, SDK platform 24 or superior, and the Android Support Repository.
  • Create a gradle property with the name ANDROID_HOME: defined in ~/.gradle/gradle.properties that points to the Android SDK location.

iOS prerequisites:

  • A Mac with MacOS X 10.11.5 or superior
  • Xcode 9.2 or superior

Both iOS simulator from Xcode or a real iOS device can be used. For the latter, credentials from the Apple Developer program will be required to sign the app, with a valid provisioning profile (iosProvisioningProfile) and a valid signing identity (iosSignIdentity). For more details, see the related documentation. This project will use Gluon VM, which is in Developer Preview. In case you run into issues, have a look at the status page and the documentation and issues at the plugin page.

Clone the project

Clone or fork the project, and open it with your favorite IDE.

Build and run the project

Either from the IDE or from command line the project can be clean, build and run with the following gradle tasks, assuming that you are running Java 9:

Clean and build:

./gradlew clean build

Run on desktop:

./gradlew run

Deploy to Android:

./gradlew androidInstall

Deploy to iOS simulator:

./gradlew launchIPhoneSimulator

Deploy to iOS device:

./gradlew launchIOSDevice

For more details about the different tasks or the build.gradle file, see the Gluon Mobile documentation.