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JavaEE - Message Of The Day

This is a sample application demonstrating how to extend an existing web application with a mobile application component. The web application uses Gluon CloudLink and the JavaEE Framework.

Application components

The sample is split up in two different components:

  • server: the web application, connecting with Gluon CloudLink
  • client: the mobile application


You need a valid subscription to Gluon CloudLink. You can get it here, and there is a 30-day free trial. Sign up and get a valid account on Gluon CloudLink and a link to access the Gluon Dashboard.

Open the Gluon Dashboard in your browser and sign in using the Gluon account credentials provided above. Go to the Credentials link, and under the Client tab you will find a pair of key/secret tokens. Download the file gluoncloudlink_config.json and store it in the client project under the src/main/resources/ folder.

Also from the Credentials link, Server tab, you'll find the Server Key that is required below.

Running the server application locally

Update the GLUON_SERVER_KEY variable in the GluonService class with the Server Key of your Gluon CloudLink application and start the server:

./gradlew :server:run

You can now navigate with a browser to http://localhost:8080/motd-server

Run the mobile application

To run the mobile application on your desktop, use the following command:

  • Desktop

Just run it from your IDE or from command line: ./gradlew client:run

  • Android

Connect your Android device and run ./gradlew client:androidInstall

  • iOS

Connect your iOS device and run ./gradlew client:launchIOSDevice


Read how to create this sample step by step here