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Helper for generating the latest Debian Vagrant box
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Latest commit eee2de9 Oct 13, 2012 Oleksandr Glushchenko 6.0.6 + bsdtar path fix


This is what it takes to create your own Vagrant box from the Debian netinstall ISO image:

make [32 | 64]

Dependencies: VirtualBox, cdrtools, vagrant

Note! Mac OS X Lion seems to have a broken libarchive, unable to unpack ISO files. Possible solution:

brew tap homebrew/dupes
brew install homebrew/dupes/libarchive

William's notes

Forked off

New stuff:

  • Bumped to 6.0.5
  • 64- and 32-bit support
  • Depend on bsdtar since GNU tar can't extract ISO
  • Check against servers MD5 sum
  • Made it easier to upgrade in future
  • Makefile build system
  • Major cleanup

Joonas' notes

Forked off

Made it:

  • build a 32 bit Debian stable instead of Ubuntu.
  • zero the image before exporting a package (requires a lot of disk space)

Ben's notes

Forked Carl's repo, and it sort of worked out of the box. Tweaked office 12.04 release:

  • Downloading 12.04 final release. (Today as of this writing)
  • Checking MD5 to make sure it is the right version
  • Added a few more checks for external dependencies, mkisofs
  • Removed wget, and used curl to reduce dependencies
  • Added more output to see what is going on
  • Still designed to work on Mac OS X :) ... though it should work for Linux systems too (maybe w/ a bit of porting)

Carl's original README

Decided I wanted to learn how to make a vagrant base box.

Let's target Precise Pangolin since it should be releasing soon, I said.

Let's automate everything, I said.

Let's do it all on my macbook, I said.


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