Jan 11, 2019


GCS milestone v0.5
Highlights and updates since v0.4:
- GCS environment updated to kube 1.13
- CSI deployment moved to 1.0
- Integrated Anthill deployment
- Kube & etcd metrics added to prometheus
- Tuning of etcd to increase stability
- GD2 bug fixes from scale testing effort
Dec 12, 2018


GCS milestone v0.4
Highlights and updates since v0.3:
- Brick Multiplexing support in GD2
- Better distributed and resilient transaction engine in GD2
- replace brick, volume profile API support in GD2
- Critical memory leak in net/rpc package of GD2
- Support of bytes as unit in volume size for volume create request in csi-driver
- Self heal, snapshot brick count, volume profile metrics in gluster-prometheus
Nov 14, 2018


GCS milestone v0.3
Highlights and updates since v0.2:
- Initial Prometheus and Grafana integration
- Glusterd2 container includes gluster-prometheus to export metrics
- CSI driver now supports snapshots
- CSI driver is pulled from a different location (that contains auto-built images)

Included components:
- Glusterd2
- Gluster CSI driver
- Gluster-prometheus
Nov 2, 2018


GCS release v0.2
- Updates glusterd2 container to 20181102 nightly
- Deploy environment moved to Kubernetes v1.12
- Changes to gluster pod naming
- Fix for incorrect capacity naming