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Gluster Ansible Roles

gluster-ansible project provides Ansible roles to deploy, configure, and maintain GlusterFS clusters.

The goal of gluster-ansible is to develop roles which will enable the user to:

  • subscribe to repositories which provides GlusterFS and related packages and install the packages.
  • create a GlusterFS cluster (Replicate, Distributed-Replicate, Arbiter, etc).
  • configure GlusterFS to enable features like NFS-Ganesha, CTDB, Geo-Replication etc.
  • upgrade/downgrade the cluster
  • expand/shrink the cluster

The roles are classified into following categories, which will have sub-roles (if necessary) for specific task, which will be explained in detail in their respective repositories.

  • gluster.infra - helps the user to get started in deploying GlusterFS filesystem
  • gluster.cluster - helps the user to set up a GlusterFS cluster, manage gluster volumes and peer operations.
  • gluster.features - implements GlusterFS usecases: nfs_ganesha, gluster_hc, ctdb, geo_replication.
  • gluster.repositories - helps user to register to RHSM and subscribe to repositories
  • gluster.maintenance - helps user to replace nodes and other maintenance activities.

To contribute to the project, refer Contributing.


A core library of gluster specific roles and modules for ansible/ansible tower.







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