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Installation Instructions:
Install from Source:
# git clone
# cd gluster-block/
# dnf install gcc autoconf automake make file libtool libuuid-devel json-c-devel \
glusterfs-api-devel glusterfs-server targetcli tcmu-runner
On Fedora27 and Centos7 [Which use legacy glibc RPC], pass '--enable-tirpc=no'
# ./ && ./configure --enable-tirpc=no && make -j install
On Fedora28 and higher [Which use TIRPC], in addition to above, we should also install
# dnf install rpcgen libtirpc-devel
And pass '--enable-tirpc=yes'(default) flag or nothing at configure time
# ./ && ./configure && make -j install
Installation completed :-)
# gluster-block version
# gluster-block help
Make sure your version is the latest from the release, and the one you just installed.
Note: targetcli (>= 2.1.fb49) and tcmu-runner are runtime dependencies for gluster-block.
So, make sure you have them installed before starting gluster-blockd.
Download from repo:
Get the gluster-block repo URL from
URL look similar to:
$ dnf config-manager --add-repo $URL
$ dnf install gluster-block
Installation completed :-)
$ gluster-block version
$ gluster-block help
As of now gluster-block is supported on fedora >= 25.
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