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Source code to gluster documentation:

Important Note: This repo had its git history re-written on 19 May 2016. Please create a fresh fork or clone if you have an older local clone.

Building the docs

If you are on EPEL 7 or Fedora, the first thing you will need is to install mkdocs, with the following command :

#sudo yum install mkdocs

For Fedora 23+ (run the following in root)

#dnf install python-pip
#pip install mkdocs

Then you need to run mkdocs from the root of that repository:

$ mkdocs build

If you see an error about docs_dir when using recent versions of mkdocs , try running additional steps mentioned below:

$ cp ./mkdocs.yml ../
$ cd ..

Edit below entry in the copied mkdocs.yml file

docs_dir: ./glusterdocs/

Then you need to run mkdocs

$ mkdocs build

The result will be in the site/ subdirectory, in HTML.