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geo-rep: Disable xattrs and acls support with tar_ssh

Geo-rep can't sync xattrs and acls with tar over ssh
for following reasons.

Issue 1: xattrs doesn't sync with tar over ssh.

Reason: untar doesn't respect '--overwrite' option when used along
        with '--xattrs'. So it sends unlink if the file exists on
        destination and re-creates afresh. But all entry operations
        are banned in aux-gfid-mount as it may lead to gfid-mismatch.
        Hence fails with EPERM. This happens only when some xattr is
        set on a file in master volume.

Issue2: acls on directories does not sync with tar over ssh.

Reason: tar tries to opendir ".gfid/<gfid1>" and is not supported
        by gfid-access-translator as readirp can't be handled on
        virtual inodes and hence fails with ENOTSUP where as it syncs
        for files.

Since the issue is with tar commmand it self and nothing could be
done from gluster side, disabling xattr and acls support with tar
over ssh option.

Geo-rep can sync xattrs and acls with 'rsync' as the sync engine.

Change-Id: I6821d327e7fe15545adef644869aa2389f79c701
BUG: 1223642
Signed-off-by: Kotresh HR <>
Tested-by: NetBSD Build System
Reviewed-by: Venky Shankar <>
latest commit 3eaf21e3cc
Kotresh HR authored vshankar committed
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