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tests: fix volume_exists to be used from EXPECT_WITHIN

Fixes the spurious volume-snapshot-clone.t regression failures.  In
brief, the problem is that the script wasn't waiting for config commands
to complete, and would *sometimes* query the status of a volume while
that volume was still being deleted.

It turns out that "!" doesn't work properly from EXPECT_WITHIN, so there
was a choice between changing that or changing volume_exists.  This
seemed less risky.  Because of code duplication, two instances of the
function had to be changed, and the other caller (volume-snapshot.t) did

Change-Id: I766d4dc7c5b11038ede8e45d9d1f29cd02a622a0
BUG: 1163543
Signed-off-by: Jeff Darcy <>
Tested-by: Gluster Build System <>
Reviewed-by: Kaleb KEITHLEY <>
Reviewed-by: Vijay Bellur <>
latest commit 6d083f47e1
Jeff Darcy authored vbellur committed
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api Upcall: Added xlator options to enable cache-invalidation
build-aux build: make GLUSTERD_WORKDIR rely on localstatedir
cli gluster-cli: Fixing operand error and removing logically dead code.
contrib contrib/timer-wheel: import linux kernel timer-wheel
doc doc/geo-rep: Documentation for management volume for geo-rep
extras ganesha-ha: --status (one-liner) implementation
geo-replication geo-rep: Add support for acls
glusterfs-hadoop hadoop-glusterfs: Fix IndexOutOfBounds Exception
glusterfsd glusterfsd: add "print-netgroups" and "print-exports" command
heal cluster/ec: Implement heal info for ec
libglusterfs function gf_string2bytesize_range should handle 'xB' byte values
rpc socket: use TLS 1.2 instead of 1.0
tests tests: fix volume_exists to be used from EXPECT_WITHIN
tools tools/glusterfind: Changelog_init before changelog_register
xlators features/trash: fix remove_trash_path in the internal case
.gitignore build: ignore cscope files
.mailmap scripts: add new email aliases
AUTHORS cleaned up some outdated files
CONTRIBUTING set 'Change-Id: ' header on first run
COPYING-GPLV2 license: dual license under GPLV2 and LGPLV3+
COPYING-LGPLV3 license: dual license under GPLV2 and LGPLV3+
ChangeLog Fixed build problems for init script installation.
INSTALL core: update INSTALL file.
MAINTAINERS Update MAINTAINERS file Adding Libgfdb to GlusterFS
NEWS news: note the move to gerrit README: Adding information about Gluster dev workflow
THANKS Typo fix THANKS message logging: remove unused message-id scripts build: require cmocka >= 1.0.1 gfapi: add glfs_h_acl_set() and glfs_h_acl_get() build: require cmocka >= 1.0.1 build: Start using library versioning for various libraries build: pass the correct CFLAGS and LDFLAGS when linking (to) libgfdb extras/ linux kernel style patch verification tests: Removing rpmbuild/mock check from

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