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Gluster Unified File and Object Storage allows files and directories created
via gluster-native/nfs mount to be accessed as containers and objects. It is
a plugin for OpenStack Swift project.
* Clone the swift repo from git://
* Apply the swift.diff present in glusterfs.git/swift/1.4.8 to the swift repo.
* Create a directory named "plugins" under swift.git/swift directory.
* Copy the contents of glusterfs.git/swift/1.4.8/plugins/ under swift.git/swift/
except the conf directory.
* Copy the contents of glusterfs.git/swift/1.4.5/plugins/conf under /etc/swift/.
* Run python install
Once this is done, you can access the GlusterFS volumes as Swift accounts.
Add the Volume names with the user-name and its corresponding password to the
/etc/swift/proxy-server.conf (follow the syntax used in the sample conf file).
Command to start the servers
swift-init main start
Command to stop the servers
swift-init main stop
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