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GlusterFS 3.4.2 primarily contains bug fixes. This release also contains libgfapi support for integrating with NFS Ganesha.

Following patches are part of 3.4.2:

  • bf77036 Updating extras/Ubuntu with latest upstart configs (BUG: 1047007)

  • b2ee85b support dynamic loading of versioned libraries

  • 828a6ee cluster/dht: Ignore ENOENT errors for unlink of linkfiles

  • 63a3a0d Revert "core: fix errno for non-existent GFID"

  • 92ad6c2 cluster/dht: interim fix for reverting 837422858c

  • 610b6ba tests: Do not use stripe-replicate volume in bug-905864.t

  • d6f6870 cli: Throw a warning during replace-brick

  • e19add9 cli: Throw a warning during creation of rdma volumes.

  • 1832dbf mgmt/glusterd: Fix a memory leak in glusterd_is_local_addr()

  • 046cb49 posix: if brick-uid or brick-gid is not specified, do not set

  • 8abd500 cluster/dht: Ignore decommissioned subvol in overlap optimization

  • 790c281 cluster/dht: Fix anomaly check

  • 6677b97 cluster/dht: Del GF_READDIR_SKIP_DIRS key from dict for first_up

  • b562ace cluster/dht: Do migration inprog/complete check only if ENOENT

  • bfb7f08 cluster/dht: set layout in inode ctx even if linkfile fails

  • a282630 distribute: Rebalance should provide even disk space distribution

  • 1e40a57 gfapi: backport handles to 3.4 for nfs-ganesha

  • 0f02c51 cluster/afr: handle NULL check before strlen/strcmp in fgetxattr

  • c23f35f glusterd: submit RPC requests without holding big lock

  • 07c8960 protocol/client: handle network disconnect/reconnect properly

  • 49968ca cluster/dht: handle NULL check before strlen/strcmp in fgetxattr

  • ec60ca1 glusterfsd: fix small memory leaks in glusterfsd-mgmt.c

  • 88dc9d8 tests: Change 'volume create' to 'volume create force'

  • 5b91bef glusterd: changes in 'volume create' behaviour

  • f73373f cli: write 'volume rebalance' error message in xml format when --xml is specified

  • 168bb24 cluster/dht: set layout in inode ctx even if linkfile fails

  • 25dadcf cli: add peerid to volume status xml output

  • e412da3 cli: use proper copy to set node-name

  • 8374228 core: fix errno for non-existent GFID

  • 28ae39e gfapi: remove unnecessary call to glfs_resolve_base()

  • 24e4b5d gfapi: use native STACK_WIND for read _async() calls

  • fdf3d65 gfapi: Fix iobuf leaks in gfapi

  • a15edf0 gfapi: wake migration waiters after migration

  • 5874eb6 fuse: Check the return status from state->resolve_now

  • 7c43362 mgmt/glusterd: add option to specify a different base-port

  • 31ce9ba dual license: update remaining files with correct license text

  • 56be81f gfapi: fix return value of glfs_fini

  • 65dd4dd rpm: fix "warning: File listed twice: .../"

  • 04181ad glusterd: Fix storing volumes on setting global opts

  • 437d51f cli: add node uuid in rebalance and remove brick status xml output

  • 02ede06 Disable eager-locks on NetBSD for 3.4 branch

  • 71614ec cli: skipped tag in xml output of rebalance/remove-brick status

  • 45d6c6b cli: runtime in xml output of rebalance/remove-brick status

  • 1ce54da nfs/mount3: fix crash in subdir resolution

  • b7f894f build: sync with Fedora glusterfs.spec

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