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module Main where
import Control.Concurrent
import OpenGL
import Compiler
import Expr
import ImpInterpret
import Control.Monad
import Database
--import BugPrelude
import Traverse
import Stages
import Transform
import System.Time
import Data.Maybe
import EvalM
--import System.Posix.Files
import System.Directory
import Statement
import Parse
import GHC.Handle
import System.IO
import System.Environment
import TNUtils
import Control.Monad.Trans
import Query (bugpanRootDir)
data DriverState = DS {
dsSession :: Session,
dsDispPullMV :: MVar (IO V),
dsRunMV :: MVar (),
dsProgram :: [Declare]
-- dsPrelude :: [Declare]
main = do
args <- getArgs
runningMv <- newEmptyMVar
dispPullMv <- newEmptyMVar
sess <- lastSession $ bugpanRootDir./"sessions/"
print sess
let redirect = not $ "-nr" `elem` args
when redirect $ do
let outFileName = oneTrailingSlash(baseDir sess)++"driver_output.txt"
putStrLn $"redirecting stdout to "++outFileName
hout<- openFile outFileName AppendMode
hDuplicateTo hout stdout
let ds= DS sess dispPullMv runningMv []
whenM (doesFileExist $ cmdFile ds) $ removeFile (cmdFile ds)
forkOS (initGlScreen (not $ "-w" `elem` args) dispPullMv runningMv
((return ())::IO ()))
waitSecs 0.5
catchForever $ (loop ds >> hFlush stdout)
return ()
--chainM :: Monad m => (a -> m a) -> [a] -> a -> m b
--chainM f (x:[]) = fx
--chainM f (x:xs) =
cmdFile (DS (sess) dpmv rmv prg)= oneTrailingSlash(baseDir sess)++"/program.bug"
catchForever l = forever $ catch l (\e-> putStrLn $ "error in main loop: "++show e)
loop ds@(DS (sess) dpmv rmv prg) = do
ifM (not `fmap` doesFileExist (cmdFile ds))
(threadDelay 100000)
(do prg'' <- reads `fmap` readFile (cmdFile ds) --fileDecls (cmdFile ds) []
case prg'' of
[] -> do
removeFile $ cmdFile ds
putStrLn "\n\nERROR: cannot parse command file\n\n"
return ()
(prg',_):_ -> do
let runTM = runTravM prg' []
let prg = snd . runTM $ (transform >> evalSinkSrcArgs)
let tmax = (lookupDefn "_tmax" prg >>= vToDbl) `orJust` 1
let dt = (lookupDefn "_dt" prg >>= vToDbl) `orJust` 0.001
tnow <- getClockTime
ress <- execInStages prg dt tmax $ postCompile dpmv rmv
putStrLn $ "results for this trial: "++show ress
addRunToSession prg (diffInS tnow (tSessionStart sess)) tmax dt ress sess
removeFile $ cmdFile ds)
postCompile dispPullMv runningMv prg = do
let screenVars = [ nm | SigSnkConn nm "screen" <- prg ]
-- let prgNoScreen = filter (noScreen screenVars) prg
-- let prgScreen = catMaybes . map unUpdateRule . filter (not . noScreen screenVars) $ prg
if null screenVars
then return prg
else return $ prg++[
GLParams dispPullMv runningMv
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