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HTML Cleaner for Anki

Annoying formatting be gone!

This is an add-on for the spaced-repetition flashcard app Anki that cleans and minifies the HTML content of the current field, removing extraneous tags and attributes copied over from apps like Word, Chrome, etc.

Table of Contents



This section will be updated once the add-on is available on AnkiWeb.

Manual installation

Please click on the entry corresponding to your Anki version:

Recent Anki 2.1 versions

Note: These instructions only work on Anki 2.1.17 and up. For older Anki releases please see the next section.

  1. Download the latest .ankiaddon file from the releases tab (you might need to click on Assets below the description to reveal the download links)
  2. Open the folder where your downloads are located and double-click on the downloaded .ankiaddon file.
  3. Follow the installation prompt and restart Anki if it asks you to
Older Anki 2.1 versions
  1. Make sure you are using at least Anki 2.1.10. Earlier releases (e.g. found in various Linux distros) do not support .ankiaddon packages.
  2. Download the latest .ankiaddon package from the releases tab (you might need to click on Assets below the description to reveal the download links)
  3. From Anki's main window, head to ToolsAdd-ons
  4. Drag-and-drop the .ankiaddon package onto the add-ons list
  5. Restart Anki

Video summary:


For further information on the use of this add-on please check out the description text for AnkiWeb.


With Anki add-on builder installed:

git clone
cd html-cleaner
aab build

For more information on the build process please refer to aab's documentation.


Contributions are welcome! Please review the contribution guidelines on how to:

  • Report issues
  • File pull requests
  • Support the project as a non-developer

License and Credits

HTML Cleaner is

Copyright © 2016-2020 Aristotelis P. (Glutanimate)

Copyright © 2020 Arthur Milchior

Copyright © 2020 ijgnd

This add-on was developed on a commission by a fellow Anki user. All credit for the original idea goes to them.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to Arthur and ijgnd for their major contributions in bringing this add-on to Anki 2.1 and extending it with a plethora of new features. For a list of all significant contributors to this project and their contributions please also see CONTRIBUTORS.

This add-on would not not have been possible without the following open-source libraries:

  • Bleach 2.0.0. Copyright (c) 2014-2017 Mozilla Foundation. Licensed under the Apache License 2.0
  • html5lib 0.999999999. Copyright (c) 2006-2013 James Graham and other contributors. Licensed under the MIT license.
  • htmllaundry 2.1. Copyright (c) 2010-2016 Wichert Akkerman. Licensed under the BSD license.
  • lxml 3.7.3. Copyright (c) Infrae. Licensed under the BSD license.
  • webencodings 0.5.1. Copyright (c) 2012-2017 Geoffrey Sneddon. Licensed under the BSD license.
  • six 1.10.0. Copyright (c) 2010-2015 Benjamin Peterson. Licensed under the MIT license

HTML Cleaner is free and open-source software. The add-on code that runs within Anki is released under the GNU AGPLv3 license, extended by a number of additional terms. For more information please see the LICENSE file that accompanied this program.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.

The continued development of this add-on is made possible
thanks to my Patreon and Ko-Fi supporters.
You guys rock ❤️ !