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@glutanimate glutanimate released this Oct 28, 2018 · 59 commits to master since this release

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  • Full Anki 2.1 support (and 2.0 backwards compatibility)
    • Yes, it's finally here!
  • Completely reworked months mode
    • shows a continuous timeline of activity, instead of being bound to a yearly schedule
    • more granular insight into monthly activity, and activity by weekday
  • A multitude of new options, granting you more control over your stats than ever before:
    • the ability to set a starting date for the heatmap
    • the ability to exclude certain decks from being tracked
    • an option to exclude deleted cards from your stats
    • the ability to set a custom hotkey to toggle the heatmap
  • Secondary actions when Shift-clicking heatmap buttons:
    • quickly move to the very beginning of your review history
    • quickly move to the last scheduled review
    • instantly change the display mode or color theme
    • and more!
  • Support for the Night Mode add-on
    • all themes now come with beautiful night mode versions that are automatically switched on when Night Mode is active (requires Night Mode version 2.2.3 and up)
    • special thanks to Michał Krassowski for laying the groundwork on Night Mode's side!
  • A beautiful new UI with updated buttons, new tooltips, and more polish than ever before


  • Completely rewrote the add-on. Review Heatmap's codebase hadn't really changed that much since the add-on' first release nearly two years ago. This rewrite, although arduous and very time-consuming, was long overdue and now provides a stable and maintainable base for future additions to Review Heatmap.
  • Fully redesigned options dialog, which can now also be accessed directly from the heatmap.
  • On Anki 2.1 the heatmap now loads asynchronously, i.e. without blocking page load, which should make for faster switching between Anki's screens even with long review histories
  • History and forecast limits are now inactive by default. The previous default of limiting the displayed data to a period of 365 days could be confusing sometimes.


  • Fixed a series of elusive bugs surrounding different time-zones, daily cutoff settings, and other date mismatches (#23)
  • Fixed incompatibilities with the Night Mode add-on (#9)
  • Fixed view scrolling sometimes not working (#16)
  • Fixes some macOS- and Windows-specific layout and sizing issues
  • Quite a few other smaller issues which would take too long to list here


  • the seen: query phrase has been superseded by the new rid: phrase, and is likely to be removed in the future


  • Throughout the redesign of Review Heatmap I had to develop a completely new set new tools for building and testing my add-ons. The fruits of this work will also benefit my other projects, making for a faster iteration time, and more 2.1 add-on releases coming soon!
  • Review Heatmap and all of the other add-ons I'm working on are now tested against all platforms supported by Anki. If you are a macOS or Windows user you should see a lot of improvements in ironing out platform-specific kinks in the future.

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Please see the manual installation section in the README.

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@glutanimate glutanimate released this Sep 23, 2018 · 285 commits to master since this release

Since it seems like some websites still link here: This release is super outdated. Please install the latest release following the installation instructions here instead!

This is temporary release reflecting the development state of the add-on from a few months back. It is meant as an interim solution until v0.7.0 – the first official 2.1 release – becomes stable.

In order to install it you will have to move the review_heatmap folder into Anki's addons21 folder.

Please note that this is alpha-quality software. You should only use it if you know what you are doing. As this is an obsolete version of the add-on, I will not be able to address any issues that you might encounter, nor will I be able to provide any support.

v0.7.0, which packs a complete overhaul of the add-on and stable 2.1 support, will be ready soon. So my advice would be to just wait until then.

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