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README for wordlist-medicalterms-de


Description:        dictionary of German medical terms
Terms:              6532
Author:             Glutanimate (
Original Author:    Tobias Quathamer (
Source:             medicalterms (20110608-1)
License:            GNU GPL v3 (see LICENSE.txt for more information)


This is a simple list of German medical terms formatted as a UTF8-encoded text file. It is based on the medicalterms project by Tobias Quathamer and was designed to work with Android dictionary managers.



Copy wordlist.txt to the root directory of your Android phone. Then install the excellent User Dictionary Manager by Adrian Vintu and use it to import the terms to your user dictionary. More information may be found here. Note: Because of the size of the wordlist importing might take a while.


Automatic installation

If you are using Linux your distribution might be shipping with a ready-made package of this dictionary (e.g. hunspell-med-de on Ubuntu). Unfortunately add-on dictionaries don't appear to work properly in recent version of LibreOffice (1). I advise to try the package in your distribution's repository out before deciding to manually install my wordlist.

Manual installation

Follow the instructions provided in this Q&A to create a new custom dictionary. Make sure to name it in a recongizable fashion (e.g. and activate it in the menu.

Find out where your LO user profile is located. Then proceed to navigate to <LO user profile directory>\3\user\wordbook and find your dictionary (e.g. medicalterms-de.dic). Open it in a text editor of your choice (e.g. Gedit on Ubuntu; Notepad++ on Windows, NOT Notepad!). Copy and paste the full contents of wordlist.txt below the dashed line (---). Save the file while making sure it remains UTF-8 encoded and restart LibreOffice.


Rename wordlist.txt to medicalterms-de.dic and follow the instructions provided here.


This software comes with no warranty of any kind. Some misspelled words might be included. Please make sure to submit a bug report with the original project if you find any mistakes.


(1):, and


Dictionary of German medical terms for LibreOffice/OpenOffice/Android/Word




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