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Updated README with information about validation, and the todo list.

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Electronic book formats are typically rather simple.
An EPUB book, for example, is just HTML, CSS, and some image files packed into a single zip file along with various bits of metadata.
But there are numerous tricky details, and a lot of redundancy in the metadata.
-Bindery aims to simplify the process.
+Bindery aims to simplify the process, while stopping short of being a full ebook authoring system.
To use Bindery, you write a simple Ruby program that describes the book's structure and important metadata.
This program is also responsible for identifying the HTML files that correspond to the book's chapters; those files might already exist, but the program can generate them on the fly as well.
@@ -71,11 +71,16 @@ It's capable of generating very simple books, but many features (including the f
Additionally, validation is sketchy, so it's quite likely that the books you build using Bindery will not be valid EPUB files.
But the basics are there, and contributions are welcome.
+Generated EPUB books will pass [epubcheck][] *except* for chapter content.
+EPUB places some additional restrictions on XHTML and CSS, and if the supplied chapter content violates those restrictions then the EPUB file will be invalid.
+Most EPUB readers are fairly permissive about such things, but some are more particular.
+I plan to build support for tidying up the XHTML and CSS and eliminating invalid constructs, but at the moment that's a low priority.
Planned features include:
* options for sections (with and without section title pages) rather than just a flat chapter structure.
* additional metadata including all of [Dublin Core][].
-* support for images
+* title and cover pages
* support for multiple stylesheets
* support for generating Mobipocket books
@@ -109,6 +114,7 @@ Bindery is targeted at electronic books only.
[dublin core]:
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- Flesh out validation
Consider moving details to format modules.
Investigate Mobi validity constraints to see whether that makes sense.
+- Cache fetched image (and other) files so we don't have to fetch them twice while building multiple formats.
- Add more metadata support
- subtitle
- different kinds of authors
- Title page
- Title image
-- Image support
-- A basic CSS file
+- Image support @done
+- A basic CSS file @done
- Support for alternative CSS files
- Frontmatter
- Nested chapter structures

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