Inkscape plugin: delete the selected object(s) and any objects on top of them
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Delete Above

This is an Inkscape extension that allows you to delete a selected item and any items that appear above it/on top of it. It can be useful for the mass deletion of items in a large drawing where individual deletes are impractically slow and a rubber-band selection is difficult to make.

Use Case

I have a PDF-based map of a nearby regional park and I wanted to load it into my GPS app. This PDF contains a lot of legend/key/advisory text that is appropriate for a printed map, but not for a GPS app. The following animation shows the map with and without this material:

Animation showing map with legend and without

To remove the unwanted items I followed these steps;

  • First, I converted the PDF to SVG so that I could work with it more easily in Inkscape. I don't like Inkscape's native PDF import so I used a command line tool called pdf2svg to accomplish the conversion.

  • Next I opened the SVG file in Inkscape. At this point I found that each individual character and icon in the legend and in the advisory text is a standalone path, rather than a string in a text box. In this image you can see an individual instance of the letter "U" selected from the middle of a text box: Image showing an individual character selected

  • My first idea was to simply perform a rubber-band selection on all these characters and delete them. However, when I tried various rubber-band / lasso / rectangular selection methods they all included items on the map that I want to keep -- namely items that are behind the legend. This animation shows the difference between what I wanted and what the rubber-band tool was giving me: Animation comparing rubber-band select/delete with the desired result; Rubber-band over-deletes

  • As a result, I created this extension. To use it in this case, I selected only the white rectangle that forms the background of the legend, then I activated the extension from the Inkscape extensions menu as seen here: Image showing the location of the "Delete Above" extension in the Inkscape extension menu; it appears under Extensions, Selection, Delete Above

  • After repeating the process a few times, you can see the end result in the first animation above.


There is no installer (yet).

To install this extension on OS X and Linux (using the terminal), run these commands:

mkdir -p ~/.config/inkscape/extensions
cd ~/.config/inkscape/extensions
curl --location --remote-name
curl --location --remote-name

On windows you'll have to download the following 2 files into C:\Program Files\Inkscape\share\extensions (or something similar):


I like it. Contact me at