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Semantic versioning framework in Kotlin
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Semantic Versioning

Semantic Versioning implementation in Kotlin. Semver represents the versioning system specified in Semantic Versioning Specification.


Semver requires no external dependencies. You can install the library via:


// build.gradle
repositories {
dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.glwithu06.semver:semver:x.y.z'


// build.gradle
repositories {
    maven { url '' }
dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.glwithu06:semver.kt:x.y.z'



You can create a Semver instance like the following:

val version = Semver(major = 1, minor = 23, patch = 45, prereleaseIdentifiers = listOf("rc", "1"), buildMetadataIdentifiers = listOf("B001"))

minor, patch are optional parameters and set to "0" by default.

prereleaseIdentifiers, buildMetadataIdentifiers are optional parameters and set to empty lists by default.


You can create Semver from String:

val version = Semver("1.23.45-rc.1+B001")

or from Numeric:

val version = Semver(1.23)
val version = Semver(10)

If the given argument has an invalid format, it throws a IllegalArgumentException.


Semver class implements Comparable interface and overrides equals(), so their instances can be compared using the default operators including < , <= , > ,>= ,== , !=.

The comparison rules are specified in Semantic Versioning Specification.


Pull requests and bug reports are welcomed!

Feel free to make a pull request.

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