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// Copyright (C) 2011 Jason E. Aten. All rights reserved.
// macros
// DV: debug view macro
// to have DV statements executed while debugging
// with gdb, use "set enDV=1" at the (gdb) prompt
// use "set enDV=0" to turn them off again.
// DV statements, like asserts, are not compiled
// into release builds.
#ifndef DV
// may be referred to even if NO_DEBUGVIEW is defined...
extern int enDV; // off by default
#define DV(x) ((void)0);
#define DVV(x) ((void)0);
#define DV(x) if (enDV) { x; }
#define DVV(x) if (enDV >= 2) { x; }
#endif // NO_DEBUGVIEW
#endif // ndef DV
#endif // DEBUGVIEW
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