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Welcome to the Glyff Wiki

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Glyff wiki covering all things related to Glyff

This is the community maintained wiki covering all sorts of information on the next-generation peer-to-peer technology platform built by LTD, including Glyff, a blockchain for private smart contract development, as well as any sister protocol. See here for an introduction, and other pages in the sidebar.



If you have a technical issue, please ask in the general Lobby or in the room specific for that project, and if your issue is still not resolved, post an issue in the corresponding repository. Please only create an issue if you can't fix it by editing yourself, it doesn't get resolved via the Gitter room

Contribution guidelines


For an introduction to GitHub wikis, see here.

Users signed in with GitHub can edit and add pages using a browser or locally. To view the wiki locally, press CTRL+ALT+T to open a terminal, run git clone and then view the files from a file explorer or using cd; ls; // Enter a command to open a file from a terminal, e.g. gedit

Page titles

Avoid changing the title of a page, as the link for it will change. In particular, if you change the title for a page, any link to it will just direct to a blank page. (In the case of this page, also the Wiki tab in the header of this repo, as well as any link to the Home page, will just direct to a list of pages.) If you really want to change the title, then create a new page with the new title, move the contents of the old page to the new page, and update the old page with a redirect link to the new page. If you want to translate a page, create a new page and translate the original there. Consider previewing your changes before saving them, and if you detect any errors, fix them.

Wikipedia pillars

Wikipedia has five pillars which provide a good standard for contributing that we can adapt for our needs. If you have experience with editing on Wikipedia, then that will help with knowing how to edit this wiki, although the contribution rules are less strict. Referencing facts is a key writing and proofreading task, as well as checking that information is up-to-date (and updating it if otherwise), correcting grammar, typos, and spelling; and making the wiki comprehensive and easy to understand. Other rules, such as a neutral point of view and no original research are desirable, but may be hard to maintain. Notability is less relevant, this wiki is about all things Glyff.


The title of the page should start with [Language]: title, e.g. "[German] White Paper" or "[中文] 以太坊Wiki目录". Then add a Table of Contents (ToC) page linking for the language, linking to all pages of that language, and add a link to it in the footer.

License and contributor license agreement

Please permit your contributions to be under the CC0 license 1, which makes your contributions have no rights reserved, putting them in the public domain. This will help to allow for the dissemination of information about Glyff, the Glyff ecosystem and Web 3 to the public, in a completely permissive manner. To state that you accept your contributions to be under a CC0 license, please add yourself to the list of external contributors here. Otherwise, without adding yourself to the list, your contributions will be all rights reserved. To provide clarity of licensing, you may also wish to add a HTML comment to the top of pages or sections that you contribute to, like so: <!--*Name Surname*, Github username, **email@domain** and/or other contact methods-->.

Getting started

To get the basic concepts of Glyff visit For another introduction targeted for end users but also for developers and others, see here. If you want to get a deeper understanding, start by reading the whitepaper and the design rationale. This is a work in progress


See [here] Work in progress

Status / Releases / Development timeline / Roadmap

See [Here] Work in progress

Wiki pages for node implementations, as follows:

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