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testing framework for holberton school's shell project
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Please look into the code before you use it! We are using sudo, so be sure you know what you are doing first! Don't trust us; look in the code!


Project Shellfish is an automated task checker for Holberton School's 0x15. C - Simple Shell project.

File Breakdown

  • Dockerfile The Dockerfile contains a simple set of instructions for Docker during build time and runtime.

  • This cript is a script, copied into the image that clones your shell repo, compiles it with all of the flags, clones the checker repo, moves your shell executable into the checker folder then runs the checker.


The only prerequisite is to install docker. You can have this running in your vagrant or on your local host because it uses a container, it will not mess with your system and everytime you run the tests a new container will be started so you do not have to worry about any system issues.

To install Docker, please refer to the Docker install manual for Ubuntu trusty 64: 'Trusty 14.04 (LTS)', linked here:

NOTE: Install the CE edition, not the EE edition


After you have installed docker please follow the following instructions.

$ git clone
$ cd shellfish
$ docker build -t shellfish:latest .

To run the tests

$ docker run -ti --rm shellfish GITHUBUSR
# GITHUBUSR is the github user that the simple_shell is on. e.g. glyif


You will need to run sudo in from of your docker command. IE:

$ sudo docker build -t shellfish:latest .


$ sudo docker run -ti --rm shellfish GITHUBUSR


  • once you build your docker image, for continued testing all you need to do is update your remote master of your shell repository, and then repeat the previous docker run command. There is no need to update your checker. The update process for the checker occurs automatically.

  • for Users running natively on MacOS, not vagrant When you run docker run you'll also need to include the following tags: --security-opt seccomp:unconfined

  • error: docker: Got permission denied do you need to use sudo?

Expected Output & other Errors

Failed checks are output in RED, passed checks are output in GREEN. ALL errors written to stderr are output for all instances. When your shell and sh both output errors, the errors are written in grey. If your shell does not have an error, but sh does, the output is in RED, and visa versa.

  • #f03c15 [FAIL]
  • #c5f015 [PASS]
  • NOTE: your shell will not run with our init script if it does not compile with the above -Warning flags. If your shell does not run in 'non-interactive' mode, (i.e. executed through a | [pipe]) properly you will not pass. If your shell does not exactly replicate the output of sh you will not pass.


If you would like to contribute to this project, please follow the process outlined here:


Julien Barbier:
Bobby Yang:
David John Coleman II:
Elaine Yeung

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