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Virgo Container

The Virgo Container allows one or more Virgo applications to be run. These applications are placed in Virgo's pickup directory so that they are automatically deployed when Virgo starts.

The simplest Virgo application is a single OSGi bundle.

Place applications in a pickup directory of the application directory and push the application directory to Cloud Foundry specifying the Virgo buildpack.

Detection CriterionExistence of a pickup directory in the application directory
Tags are printed to standard output by the buildpack detect script


For general information on configuring the buildpack, refer to Configuration and Extension.

The container can be configured by modifying the config/virgo.yml file. The container uses the Repository utility support and so it supports the version syntax defined there.

Name Description
repository_root The URL of the Virgo repository index (details).
version The version of Virgo to use. Candidate versions can be found in this listing.