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This Geeklet written for GeekTool is meant to display the weather status integrated with the wallpaper. It includes the bash script, an example of the weather.xml file, the cloud_360.png to be placed over the geektool, four weather status PNG files (clear, partlycloudy, cloudy, and rain), as well as current.png (the content of which is altered by the script) and the background itself (If35f6l.jpg). I plan to add winter weather, but it hasn't snowed since I started working on this project.

The while loop, which runs silently and indefinitely once every 1 hour, first pulls information from and outputs it to an XML file (named weather.xml).

Lines 9 - 15 are involved in changing the weather status icon that is integrated with the background image (in this case behind the cloud). Line 9 calls the Python file to pull the name for the image file from the tag in the XML document created on line 8. Line 10 is a failed attempt to pull the value from between the tags with Bash, however the script would create condition.png instead of just condition.png so I opted for a python script. Line 11 is a stand in line to manually change the weather for testing image placement. Line 12 prints the value found by and line 13 assigns the variable 'file' to the value of the 'weather' variable with the .png extension.

Lines 14-17 contain an if loop, where the conditional looks for 'current.png' and if one exists, removes it. It then copies the value of the 'file' variable to current.png, which is the file called by the geektool itself.

Line 18 calls the program to sleep for 300 seconds (5 minutes).