Offline-first, qr-code scanner web app. Stores data in PouchDB.
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A Node.js web app that captures your web cam feed and looks for QR-codes that you offer to it.

  • a live video feed is captured from your web-cam (with your permission)
  • every 30s, snapshots of the feed are placed in a hidden canvas control
  • client-side code looks for a QR code in the image
  • if the QR-code contains a vCard or a URL, then the information is saved as JSON in an in-browser database (PouchDB) and presented in a table
  • you can optionally sync this data to an Apache CouchDB or Cloudant database

Images are not retained at all and they are not transferred from the browser to a server for processing - all of the image processing is performed in the browser using JavaScript.

This app is an offline-first app so once loaded, it should continue to work with or without a network connection.