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A command-line tool to assist with the migration of CouchDB Design Documnents


npm install -g couchmigrate


Create a JSON file with your design document in e.g. dd.json

    "_id": "_design/fetch",
    "views": {
        "byx": {
            "map": "function (doc) {\n  emit(doc.x, doc.y);\n  }\n}",
            "reduce": "_stats"
    "language": "javascript"

or a JavaScript file that exports a design document object e.g.

var map = function(doc) {
  emit(, null);

module.exports = {
  _id: "_design/testy",
  views: {
    test1: {
      map: map.toString(),
      reduce: "_count"

Then setup environment variables to point to your instance of CouchDB

export COUCH_URL=


export COUCH_URL=

Then run couchmigrate:

couchmigrate --dd dd.json --db mydatabase
  • dd - the path to the file containing the design documnet
  • db - the name of the database

(if the file extension of dd is '.json', it is expected to be a JSON document, if it ends in '.js' it is expected to be a JavaScript file that can be required in)

If the design document is already present and is identical to the one in the file, no migration will occur, otherwise

  • copy old design document to _OLD
  • import new design document to _NEW
  • trigger the view to make sure it builds
  • poll the view to see if it has finished building
  • copy _NEW to the real design document name
  • delete _NEW
  • delete _OLD
  • exit

In other words, couchmigrate will only return when the design document has been uploaded, built and has been moved into place.