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A demo Customer Relations Management system built with IBM Cloud Functions and the Cloudant database.
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This is a demo Customer Relations Managment (CRM) system built with:

  • a client-side web app using HTML, CSS & JavaScript
    • Vue.js - application framework
    • Bootstrap - user-interface components
    • Showdown - Markdown parser
  • a serverless API built with IBM Cloud Functions
  • a Cloudant NoSQL database

Read about how this application works in this blog


  • An IBM Cloud account with the ibmcloud command-line tool installed and authenticated.
  • A Cloudant account provisioned in the IBM Cloud account - make a note of your Cloudant URL.
  • Node.js.
  • Python.

Setting up the API

Create an environment variable to store your Cloudant URL:

export COUCH_URL="<my cloudant url>"

Clone this repository then do:

cd crm/api

This will create a number of API calls in your Cloudant account. Make a note of the URLs generated by this process.

Setting up the database

Create a Cloudant database, a couple of indexes and some sample data with:

cd setup

(requires the datamaker & couchimport tools installed to generate and import sample data).

Running the web app.

Modify the APIURL variable in assets/js/crm.js to match the URL produced when creating your API calls.



Your CRM should be running on http://localhost:8000

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