Recreation of old BBC Micro Dogfight game
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This is a demonstration of real-time notifications between web apps. It uses the Simple Notification Service to provide the real-time connection between the client and server processes, which in turn use RethinkDB on Compose to store and publish the data.

You can use the Simple Notification Service to push data to your web applications to ensure that your web application surfaces the latest, freshest data as it arrives. e.g. web chat or pushing sports scores to a web front end as they arrive.

In 1983 I had a BBC Micro computer. One of my favourite games was Dogfight.

I decided to recreate it in JavaScript using the Simple Notification Service to handle the transfer of data between the two participants. SNS allows client-side web applications to send or receive real-time notifications.

It uses RethinkDB as a back-end database and web sockets to deliver data between the server and the browser.



BBC version

This version:

This version




To run locally you'll need RethinkDB running on your machine. Simply clone this repository and run npm install once to install the dependencies

npm install

then npm start to run the games

npm start

or you can play this game online at


  • left cursor - nose down
  • right cursor - nose up
  • space - fire


This is an open-source project published under the Apache-2.0 license. Feel free to build upon, reference or contribute to this project.