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To create a database of Bitcoin price against time, we can use the OpenWhisk serverless platform to run a function every minute to fetch the data from cryptocompare API. Sign for an OpenWhisk service and ensure you have the bx wsk command-line client setup correctly.

You'll need a Cloudant service. Sign up for a Cloudant service in Bluemix and make a note of your URL in the form:

Create a database called "bitcoin" in your Cloudant dashboard, then create an environment variable called CLOUDANT_URL:

export CLOUDANT_URL=""

Then run in the actions folder to create your service.


Congratulations, the Bitcoin price is being saved into Cloudant once per minute!

The markettrader app

The web app in the public folder loads the last 2000 records from a Cloudant database and lets you "trade" between US dollars and bitcoin an a simulated environment. See if you can make money from the crypto-currency market!

Try the app here: