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A PHP 5.4+ framework built on the Symfony HttpKernel.
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Neptune is a PHP 5.4+ framework built on the Symfony HttpKernel. It is designed to be quick and easy to use while allowing room for customization and expansion.

The framework originally started out as a hobby project, but has since found use in non-trivial applications too. I'm also using it as an example of my PHP skills to show potential clients and employers.

That being said, Neptune is not a toy project. It is built on solid, battle tested components and I intend to support it for the foreseeable future. The goal is to get it to version 1.0, where it will then be considered feature complete. This version will be supported with subsequent bugfixes and dependency updates.

Components overview

The framework is built on a set of robust, reusable components:

  • Symfony HttpKernel - A solid foundation with many benefits.
  • Pimple - A lightweight dependency injection container.
  • Doctrine DBAL - A robust database abstraction layer.
  • ActiveDoctrine - Active record using the Doctrine DBAL.
  • Reform - Forms that render and validate with ease.
  • Blockade - Firewall and security for the HttpKernel.
  • Monolog - PSR-3 compatible logging for a variety of platforms.

Additional features

The framework itself boasts some cool features:

  • A robust module system for structuring applications into reusable chunks.
  • A straightforward yet powerful assets workflow, allowing for easy integration with build tools such as grunt and bower.
  • Configuration anyone can understand, in PHP!
  • An extensible PHP template system (twig is also available).
  • A migration system that makes a distinction between different modules, built on the Doctrine DBAL. Add a new module without affecting the order of other migrations.
  • A bunch of console commands for speeding up development and aiding deployment.


See docs/ for documentation and usage examples.


Neptune is installed via Composer. To add it to your project, simply add it to your composer.json file:

    "require": {
        "glynnforrest/neptune": "0.4.*"

And run composer to update your dependencies:

$ curl -s | php
$ php composer.phar update

Run vendor/bin/neptune-install . to setup a new application.


MIT, see LICENSE for details.

Copyright 2011 - 2014 Glynn Forrest

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