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Accompanying demo for the talk 'Super SaltStack'.
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Super Saltstack Demo

Vagrant boxes to demo during my talk 'Super Saltstack'.


Install vagrant, then run vagrant up.

Two VMs will start - a salt-master, and a minion running nginx to serve a basic web page.

For the purposes of this demo, they will NOT be communicating yet. The VMs will not be provisioned.

Additionally, the host machine running vagrant should have a salt-minion and a webcam reachable with the imagesnap command. A suitable minion config for the machine is at minion/host. This minion should have an id of super-saltstack-host.

For the purposes of the demo, the minions should be added manually to the master with salt-key. They should try to connect to the master automatically.

Then run sudo salt \* state.highstate to get everything set up.

You can optionally run ./ on the master to deprovision the web minion, but without uninstalling any packages. The demo will then work without internet, providing you have run highstate before the reset script. ./ will do this and also disconnect all minions with salt-key.

Run the demo

Visit in a browser (the web minion). Connection denied.

vagrant ssh master and tmux.

Watch the salt event bus in a pane with sudo salt-run state.event pretty=True.

In another pane, check the minions are connected, accepting new connections with salt-key, and potentially starting the salt-minion on the host.

Verify the beacon is setup on the master with sudo salt \* beacons.list. If not, run sudo salt \*master state.sls beacon.motd.

Edit /home/vagrant/motd.txt to set off the following sequence:

  • An update to /home/vagrant/motd.txt on the master will cause a beacon event to fire.
  • The salt reactor will notice this event and trigger an orchestrate runner. This runner will copy the modified file to the web minion, then run highstate on the web minion, creating a static html file served by nginx. The contents of motd.txt will be added to this file.
  • When the highstate on the web minion has completed, another reactor will trigger another orchestrate runner, which will take a picture using imagesnap on the host minion.
  • This picture will be grabbed by salt and placed in the nginx web root on the web minion.

Visit again. A page should be returned with the message from motd.txt and the recently taken picture!

Run ./ to tear down the web server and start the demo again.

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