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Easily change the color of your Glyphish icons.
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Glyphish Color Changer

Glyphish Color Changer ![app-icon](Glyphish Color Changer/Images.xcassets/AppIcon.appiconset/icon_32x32.png)

Easily change the color of your Glyphish icons.


Download the latest releases and the latest stable release.


  • Change the color of PNG icons.
  • Change the color of SVG icons.
  • Import multiple and mixed (SVG and PNG) icons at a time.


To resolve any issues you may be having, open an issue. Any issues opened will be at least responded to within 24 hours, and resolved as soon as possible!


Version 1.0

  • Original project.


Version 1.0

Developed by Rudd Fawcett. You can find all of his open source projects on GitHub.

Glyphish Creator

Designed by Joseph Wain. Visit Joseph's personal site, or peruse his dribbble.


1. Fork gallery to username/color-changer.
2. Clone the project:

$ git clone{username}/color-changer

3. Create your feature branch:

$ git checkout -b my-new-feature

<p>4. Code your awesome feature idea. <br/>
5. Commit your changes:</p>

$ git commit -am 'Add some feature'

<p>6. Push to the branch:</p>

$ git push origin my-new-feature

<p>7. Create a new Pull Request to the <code>development</code> branch.</p>

If everything checks out, and we like your pull request, we'll merge it to `development`.  After merging some other branches to development (besides yours), we'll merge all of the new features to master, where they'll be part of the new release!

## Questions?

- Open an issue.

## Connect
- Follow [@Glyphish on Twitter](
- Signup for [Glyphish news](
- Directly [contact Glyphish](
- Browse [available icon sets](
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