A free, web-based font editor, focusing on font design hobbyists.
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Welcome to Glyphr Studio!

Glyphr Studio is a free, web based font designer, focusing on font design for hobbyists. More information can be found at glyphrstudio.com - and/or follow @glyphrstudio on twitter.

Major Features

  • Vector editing tools, like a Pen Tool for path outlines and a Pointer Tool for adjusting shapes.
  • Full Unicode support for Glyphs. Define Class-based Kern Values, Ligatures, and Components.
  • Import and Export Open Type fonts, True Type fonts, and SVG Fonts.
  • Test Drive environment to try out your font.
  • Help & Documentation

Version 1

With lots of back-end improvements and the addition of Import / Export OTF, Glyphr Studio has reached Version 1 status. There are still many features left to add, and rough edges to clean up. But, expect a much faster release cadence than the Beta time-frame. Bug fixes and new features will be pushed to the site the moment they are finished! You can see what's new on the Updates Page.


Website glyphrstudio.com
App glyphrstudio.com/online
Email mail@glyphrstudio.com
Twitter @glyphrstudio
Blog glyphrstudio.com/blog
Help & Documentation help.glyphrstudio.com
Help Repository github.com/mattlag/Glyphr-Studio-Help
Feedback glyphrstudio.uservoice.com


Feel free to get in touch with us via email or twitter or whatever, we always love talking to people. There is kind of a running list of feature ideas (and bugs, of course) over at the Issues List.


I'm an interaction designer by trade, and have decided to use Glyphr Studio as a giant crash course in JavaScript and HTML5. Since this is my first major HTML5/JS app, there are many opportunities for growth & improvement - for both code, and collaborative development styles.

If you'd like to contribute a feature or bug fix, please make sure to search the issue tracker first, your issue may have already been discussed or fixed in master. After researching, please feel free to fork and send a pull request.


Copyright (C) 2010 - 2015 Matthew LaGrandeur, released under GPL 3.0


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