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Welcome to Glyphr Studio v2!

More information can be found at glyphrstudio.com - and/or follow @glyphrstudio on twitter.

Major Features

  • Vector editing tools, like a Pen Tool for path outlines and a Pointer Tool for adjusting shapes.
  • Full Unicode support for Glyphs. Define Class-based Kern Values, Ligatures, and Components.
  • Import and Export Open Type fonts, True Type fonts, and SVG Fonts.
  • Help & Documentation

Version 2

We are in the exploration / pre-alpha stage of GSv2 - check back later...

Developer Setup

Clone the repository, install dependencies and tell webpack to compile the project and start watching for changes (this can take a while):

git clone https://github.com/glyphr-studio/Glyphr-Studio-2.git && cd Glyphr-Studio-2 && npm install && bower install && npm run compile-commons && webpack -w

When developing, make sure webpack -w is running.


Copyright (C) 2010 - 2016 Matthew LaGrandeur, released under GPL 3.0