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Cut down list of commands to bare minimum; read .bundler-execrc file #19

calebthompson opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Caleb Thompson Graham Ashton
Caleb Thompson

The list of files being included in bundler-exec is getting pretty thick, and creating issues and pull requests to add new ones gets tedious.

Could we use a really simple list (rails, rake, ...) and something like .bundler-execrc or the like to list out the extra commands which should be run using bundler?

Graham Ashton
gma commented
Caleb Thompson

I suppose if it doesn't bother you it shouldn't me. It takes a while for the bundle to start up on my fairly complicated rails app, so having things like ruby or sass in the list (things which don't always need to be run with bundler) end up taking longer.

For a real, if trivial example:

With bundler-exec:

› time sass --version
Sass 3.1.12 (Brainy Betty)

real    0m2.345s
user    0m2.036s
sys 0m0.244s

... and without

› time `which sass` --version
Sass 3.1.15 (Brainy Betty)

real    0m0.386s
user    0m0.344s
sys 0m0.036s

But no, I was not aware that I could use an ENV variable to override the default list. I can just set that in my init script (or better yet take out the commands I don't use or think necessary).

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