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" Graphical Vim config file
set encoding=utf-8
set guioptions-=T " hide the toolbar
set guioptions-=r " hide the scrollbars
set guioptions-=R " hide the scrollbars with vertical split
set guioptions-=l " hide the scrollbars
set guioptions-=L " hide the scrollbars with vertical split
set guifont=Inconsolata:h15
set lines=40 columns=85 " window dimensions
set number " line numbers
colorscheme grb256
" colorscheme mac_classic
" colorscheme solarized
" set background=dark
set colorcolumn=81
" Glenn's config which opens two splits when you're editing a project
" if isdirectory(@%) == 1
" vsplit
" set lines=50
" set columns=171
" else
" set lines=40
" set columns=85
" endif
nmap <leader>1 :set columns=85<CR><C-w>o
nmap <leader>2 <C-w>o:set columns=171<CR><C-w>v
nmap <leader>3 <C-w>o:set columns=117<CR><leader>d<C-l>
function! TallWindow()
set lines=56
command! Tw :call TallWindow()
command! TallWindow :call TallWindow()
let hostfile = $HOME . '/.vim/gvimrc-' . substitute(hostname(), "\\..*", "", "")
if filereadable(hostfile)
exe 'source ' . hostfile
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