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%h1 About Effectif
Effectif is a software company in London, run by
[Graham Ashton](
%h1 Freelancing
I'll be available for Ruby, Python or JavaScript work from
late September 2011.
[Get in touch]( or read more about me on
%h1 Projects
%a.github(href="") GitHub
%a(href="") Coderwall
%a(href="") Nesta (a Ruby CMS)
%a(href="/projects") More…
= haml :categories, :layout => false
= haml :feed, :layout => false
alt="Follow grahamashton on Twitter")
%a.lanyrd-topbar.lanyrd-noblank.lanyrd-nolink.lanyrd-theme-city(href="" rel="me")
My conference schedule
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