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Art direction plugin for Nesta

Art directed blogs (or "blogazines") use a different design on every page (the PeepCode blog is a good example). It's easy to implement with Nesta, but easier still if you install this plugin.

It adds a page_design helper method that you can use to serve a different stylesheet for each page on your site. Update your site's layout template to call the helper when serving your stylesheet:

%link(href="/css/#{page_design}.css" media="screen" rel="stylesheet")

You can specify the name of a default stylesheet to use on pages that don't specify their own design. If you don't specify a default the plugin assumes that you want to render a stylesheet called 'master.css', but you can override that by passing in the name of your default stylesheet:

%link(href="/css/#{page_design('application')}.css" media="screen" rel="stylesheet")

Then create one stylesheet for each unique design, and drop it into your views folder (so you might have views/design-1.sass or views/trees.scss).

Then add some metadata to the top of each page inside content/pages that should use one of your hand crafted designs. For example:

Design: trees
Date: 10 Sep 2011
Categories: blog/nature

# Deciduous woodland

Your blog post starts here...

You can share common styles between designs using Sass's ability to import other Sass files. At the top of trees.sass you could write:

@import "master"

// Styles specific to the trees design go here...