Python library for generating mock objects, in the style of jMock.
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pMock provides support for creating mock objects for use in unit testing. The API is modelled on the jMock mock object framework. It was written by an ex colleague of mine, Graham Carlyle, and the official version is hosted on SourceForge.

This github repo is not an official version and is not the new home for pMock. It is simply the place where I'm maintaining and sharing my patches.


I've not pushed this package to PyPI; you'll need to clone the git repository and install it locally:

$ git clone git://
$ cd pmock
$ sudo python install


Check the SourceForge page for a brief overview and for the full API reference.

What are the patches?

The version of pMock that is currently on SourceForge (version 0.3) doesn't run under Python 2.6, as it defines a method called with(). In Python 2.6 with became a keyword.

So that I can continue using pMock with Python 2.6 I've renamed the with() method to taking(). That's it, there are no other changes to the API. If you're an existing user of pMock then you're unlikely to find that this change will break your existing tests; it's really only used internally by pMock itself.

To avoid future confusion over versions that Graham C (or others) might release I've bumped the version number to 0.4-gma.