A CitySDK client for iOS, with some sample queries.
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CitySDK iOS Client is a client for the CitySDK "Mobility" API for iOS, and I am currently developing it for my own purpose. Reference website: http://dev.citysdk.waag.org/

This client should have the same functionalities as the Javascript viewer at this address: http://dev.citysdk.waag.org/map

The client is at an early stage, but here is what is currently available:

  • A CSDKHTTPClient that is subclass of AFHTTPClient for handling requests
  • Some model class obtained by auto-generating files using JSON Accelerator, and then making changes where needed
  • Some layers have their model well defined (ArtsHolland, OSM), although CitySDK Api has not a proper structure defined for the data key of the osm layer, as it varies depending on the query (the keys in data of the "highways" query are different from those when querying the Museums).
  • Parsing of the results and displaying on a native map as overlays
  • Self-centering of the map
  • An example project that deals with querying
  • When selecting an annotation, the app will display in a TableView the info about the data of the object.

How to build

  • Clone the repository
  • Init and update the submodules with the command git submodule update --init --recursive

That's it. Build and run.

Upcoming features

  • Managing GeometryCollections
  • Improving annotations added to the map (as of now, they are represented as MKAnnotationPin)
  • When selecting an annotation, display a table with all the information from different layers instead than opening driving directions

Future development

  • So far, the app supports only queries of the nodes? type. Other types such as routes? may work but were not tested, and are left for the future.