Reflective verification procedures for separation logic programs in Coq
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Mirror Shard


Gregory Malecha


This repository contains a framework for building reflective decision procedures in Coq. It is currently focused on automating separation logic entailments though the pieces used for this are reusable for a wide variety of applications.


Reflective Theorem Provers

An interface, and several simple implementations, of reflective theory provers. These exist to support reasoning that would usually be done in Ltac since Ltac programs can not be called from Gallina.

Expression Unification

Supports syntactic unification of reflected expressions. This enables matching for predicate refinement and cancellation.

Predicate Refinement (Unfolder)

Applies separation logic lemmas (in the form of P ===> Q) to separation logic formulae in either a forward or backward direction. Pure premises of the formula are discharged using the reflective theorem provers.


Implements a separation logic implication simplifier based on repeated cancellation. The cancellation algorithm will choose unification variables (in Gallina) and therefore can make provable goals unprovable using its current heuristic.

These components have also been used to implement a symbolic execution mechanism for the Bedrock intermediate language. Due to its dependency on the core Bedrock, this symbolic executer has been removed from the current versions of the repository.


This release requires Coq 8.4pl1 (final released version) and coq-ext-lib.

  1. In a separate directory, download and install coq-ext-lib from:

  2. To build, run

    make -jN

    from the command line (substituting 'N' for the number of parallel jobs to run).

  3. To install, run

    make install



The automation is an adaption and generalization of the automation developed for the Bedrock programming library (