Gamz Web Maker is a basic software written in C++ which can be used to create web pages very simply and easily with the help of a conversation with your PC
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How It Works
Using GAMZ Web Maker is an easy task. It is very similar to having a conversation with your computer. It is a free, secure & easy way of creating dynamic WebPages without even writing a single code.
Follow these simple steps to get the GAMZ Web Maker running:
1.  Download GAMZ Web Maker from Git Hub
2.	Install the file if necessary (Not required for Windows Users)
3.	Run the GAMZ Web Maker exe file
4.	Enter the Name of the Webpage you wish to create 
(This would be the name of the web page that will be created on to your disk)
5.	Select the Color for the Webpage
6.	Bingo! You are ready to go
7.	Use your keyboard navigation keys to run around in the main menu
8.	Just go to the attribute you wish to insert in the webpage & hit enter
9.	 A new window opens up & gives you further instructions on how to work in that section
10.	Just follow the simple instructions and your element is                inserted in your webpage
11.	You will get back to the main menu from where you can insert any attributes/elements any number of times
12.	When done, just press escape key to exit the software & the webpage will be created in the same directory where the software is
1.	Please make sure you give the correct path of the WebPages, Photographs, Audio/Video to be linked
2.	Best way to ensure the linking is correct is to put it in the same directory of the software
3.	Do not use the same webpage name again as it will re-create the already existing webpage & the new one will be written onto it
4.	Using your own codes in between is allowed but do ensure the correct syntax & the section in which it is being inserted otherwise you would have to correct it manually 
5.	 Do NOT sell this software
This software is released under the Creative Commons 3.0 Unported license, which gives permission to modify & release for the benefit of People
Also this is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT software designed to help the people create WebPages especially the NGOs