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Project go-samp, Samples of Simple go Language Programs

This is a collection of extremely simple examples of using the go programming language.

These samples were inspired primarily by the GoCourseDay#.pdf files previously available in the go distrubution. And some additional experiments. In particular experiments triggered by documentation provided in the go distribution.


In essence, you need a working go environment, and a few small additions.

At the current HEAD of master, your go build should be at least: weekly.2012-02-07.

You need certain basic functions available to you in order to build and run these go programs.

These include:

  • the go compiler
  • the go linker
  • make

If you are not familiar with go, and want to install it and learn the language, see:

Additional Setup

In order to use the make system for these samples, you will need to have the $GOPATH environment variable properly defined. See the go documentation for details.

Although this system is still installed using make, the 'go' tool is used under the covers. If you require previous versions, please examine previous tags.

Adjust $GOPATH as necessary for your system.


To install all these samples:

  • clone from or fork on github
  • cd to your base git repo directory
  • make packages
  • make

Other Education Resources

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