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Demonstrate UTF-8 oddities with characters "σ" and "ς".
package main
import (
"fmt" //
// An interesting exercise with UTF-8 and the concepts of upper/lower case.
// Triggered by this discussion:
// I also experimented with this using Ruby 1.9.3, the current tip of trunk.
// Ruby seems to handle this even less gracefully than go does, although
// the Ruby documentation clearly says: String#upcase and String#downcase
// operate on the 'ASCII range' only. Thus, the code:
// "σ".upcase
// does absolutely nothing.
// There is an interesting presentation on Unicode work by the PHP development
// team here:
// One of the interesting slides is number 53 where an example showing "Σ"
// being 'lower case' converted to either "σ" or "ς". The example shown is:
// $str = strtolower("ΣΕΛΛΑΣ") // result is: σελλάς
// Two questions are triggered:
// a) Why is lower case alpha with oxia chosen instead of merely lower case alpha?
// b) For lower case of Σ, how is the distinction between σ and ς made?
// The general conclusions of the slide deck are however, discouraging: the
// PHP Unicode project has apparently been abandoned.
func main() {
// Lower case sigma
lowsig := "σ"
fmt.Printf("Low Sig: %s\n", lowsig)
// Lower case C with cedilla
lowceeced := "ς"
fmt.Printf("Low Cee Ced: %s\n", lowceeced)
// Upper case sigma
hisig := "Σ"
fmt.Printf("High Sig: %s\n", hisig)
// Lower case sigma to upper
fmt.Printf("Toupper Sig: %s\n", strings.ToUpper(lowsig))
// Lower case C cedilla to upper
fmt.Printf("Toupper Cee Ced: %s\n", strings.ToUpper(lowceeced))
// Upper case sigma to lower
fmt.Printf("Tolower Cee: %s\n", strings.ToLower(hisig))
// The PHP example:
forgrins := "ΣΕΛΛΑΣ"
fmt.Printf("forgrins upper: %s forgrins lower %s\n", forgrins, strings.ToLower(forgrins))
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